What are Public Relations?

Public relation is a dynamic process. Which always changes according to the situation. According to the situation, his priority, his form, his means, his means change. So this question will arise in your mind again and again.

Public Relations

Public relations is one such technique. Which has facilitated communication between humans since the beginning of human life. Whether in the Stone Age or later, a person talks to another person or clan and makes some compromises and decisions. So the role of public relations can be seen here. Similarly, the role of public relations in social progress and development cannot be ignored. The history of public relations is linked to human civilization. In mythology, the role of Narada Muni has been that of a Chatur public relations worker. It analyzes it.

Public Relations is the craft of communicating ideas. Through which contact with different types of people can be achieved through thought-out results. It is also called the duty of management. Which creates “a perception” towards the organization by creating a public relations mutual opinion forum, focusing on the interests and opinions of the public.

Also advises other officers of his organization to establish an image of his organization in public. Meaning of Public Relations contact with the ‘public’. Public relations is made up of two words. “Jan” and “Contact”. Its common meaning is ‘Janta’, which is widely spread around the person and the desire to keep in touch with them is public relations.

Definition of Public Relations

Public Relations

According to Samay Black
Public relations is a combination of various social sciences, which make us aware of the reaction of the individual and the group. It is the science of communication that removes tension and creates agreeable relationships by building better relationships.

According to Bebner
Public administration and publicity have a direct meaning in modern administration. The study of the human angle of view in industry and its expansion in governance is an essential element of public relations.
1. Knowledge of public wishes and feelings.
2. Satisfactory thinking and coordination between officers and the public.

According to Denny Griddle
Public relations is one such management function. Who evaluate the trends of an individual or institution. Understands its policies, procedures, and plans necessary programs for public consent and support.

According to Great Britain Public Relations Institute
The task of public relations is to maintain mutual consent between the organization and its people through prudent, planned, and continuous efforts.

Purpose of Public Relations

The purpose of public relations is public opinion creation and determination. They are partners of each other.

1. Development of interrelations-

  • Public relations is one such technique.
  • It instills spontaneity, simplicity, and human sympathy in mutual relationships.
  • It works by spreading the ease, simplicity and informality of a person working in one unit to another unit.
  • Whether the field is information or public relations, public relations is always successful due to the expansion of mutual relations.
  • Because the working limit of public relations is not only for the time spent in office nor the public
  • relations work is ever free.
  • Therefore, wherever relationships are formed once. They not only work well. But also play a mutual relationship.

2. Growth of Behaviors-

  • Being aware of the institution when public relations expands in relation to various departments, institutions, and bodies.
  • Its own congregation will appear to itself, along with the participation of other partners in various events, apart from formal ties.
  • More public relations workers become uncooperative. His relationship grows equally and his personality develops.
  • On the one hand, there is a constant relationship with power or administration.
  • On the other hand, passes the message or idea of ​​the employer to them and also assures them for themselves.

3. Employer Image Creation-

  • The purpose of public relations is not only to foster practical or professional relationships between the employer’s institution and the institution.
  • Rather it is very successful in creating an environment that helps the image of its employer institution.
  • In fact, the public relations worker has built an image of the institute in relation to the policy of his institute.
  • On the basis of deep credibility, the image formation of the place is also made.
  • Because, through another institution, the expert detects the quality of the messages expected with the institutions and functions, virtue, message, or other organizations.

4. Bridge to Public Relations Management-Personnel Relations

The purpose of public relations is to create an image of the organization externally and not for the organization to get its approval. The special responsibility of public relations towards the institution is not declared but it also has a special responsibility. Therefore, in confirmation of that obligation, he acts as a bridge through management and personnel.