Public relations is also known as PR. In this, public means public, and contact means relationship. Making contact or relationship with the public in the ordinary sense, to establish rapport with the public for a particular purpose is called public relations.

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Public Relations Modes

There are the following three modes of public relations in the modern era.

  • Visual mediums are mediums that we can only see. Under this, printed advertisements, silent movies, exhibits, posters, pamphlets, etc. come.
  • Audio mediums are such mediums, which we can only perceive by listening. Radio broadcasting is the major medium covered under it.
  • Audio-visual media are media that we can see and hear. Under this, television, cinema, slides, internet, etc. are included.

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

The Government of India has set up a separate Ministry (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) for publicity of its policies, programs, etc.

The following departments work under this ministry:

  • On Air (Aakashwani)
  • Doordarshan
  • Press Information Bureau
  • Film Division
  • Publication Department
  • Music and theatrical division
  • Directorate of Advertising and Publicity
  • Regional Publicity Directorate.

Importance of Public Relations

The importance of public relations in any organization cannot be ignored. The success of an organization’s objectives public relations programs Depends only on
Public relations under government organization is aimed at the policies, actions, plans, and social development of the government. Efforts are to be made available to the public and to generate confidence in the public about the government.

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On the other hand, the corporate sector or non-governmental organization consisting mainly of industry groups aims to study the interests and attitudes of the public towards its goods produced. with It is to strive to increase the faith and trust in the public towards the quality of the product produced. Commercial companies use public relations a lot to create their image among the general public.

Official Work of Public Relations

Writing in the beautiful language is required to reach the public in accordance with the objectives of the organization. The content should be effective both in written and oral form. Whether it is a press release for the media or pamphlets, pamphlets, journals or radio, television and electronic media, writing is an essential task for everyone.

Editing written content is also an essential task. It is necessary to investigate and examine the manner in which any written material is going to reach the public and have a meaningful impact in achieving the objectives of the organization. Every public relations officer should be aware of various dimensions of editing and should be fully proficient and proficient in editing. It is absolutely necessary to edit the form in which the written material is reaching the public in newspapers/magazines, folders, etc.

Information to the public by selecting the appropriate medium for the public relations purpose of the organization Providing content comes under the categorization.

Presentation of organization related information in public relations is very important. The information of the organization should be presented in a special and interesting manner with special decoration so that the purpose of the above-mentioned public relations can be fulfilled.

There is an important responsibility under public relations to present sufficient informative speeches about the organization before the public. It is necessary to select proficient speakers in giving the speech and first provide complete information about the objectives of the organization.

Public relations and the internet
Due to the use of the internet, where the process of public relations is relative. It has become cheaper, due to which time is also less. The Internet can reach its people effectively in the shortest possible time. Generally, all parties are using the Internet strongly for election campaigning.
All the parties have their own websites on the internet, which have complete details about these parties. The party’s policy, customs, and election manifesto have been demonstrated at these sites. In a developing country like India, the use of the internet in the process of public contact is still very low, due to which they are not able to access the internet.

Public Relations and Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are being used extensively for public relations and publicity. Public contact through mobile phones has become very easy and time is also very less. In a moment, you reach millions of people through mobile phones. Often, various companies and organizations use mobile messages to communicate. The mobile phone is proving to be a very cheap and effective medium of public contact, due to which two-way connectivity. Whereas traditional publicity mediums like public meetings, posters, banners, etc. did not have the facility of two-way contact.